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Chickpea Cicer arietinum L. Terminal drought stress is one of the major causes of yield loss, and a deep root system has been recognized as...

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Wickström, Emelie , Is evaluation of accessions per se a valuable practice, or should accessions first be crossed into adapted material? Wang, Dan , Area Facing global change: To encourage germplasm evaluation, funds to evaluate horticultural germplasm have been made available annually through the respective CGCs, explicitly for that purpose.

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Scientists from Wageningen University and Into in the Netherlands have developed the first ever method conducive to accurately and simultaneously measuring the photosynthesis of nearly 1, plants over the course of distinct weeks. The method can commandeer plant breeders more reliably finest plants with an efficient photosynthesis.

The scientists published the method — which uses a high-tech image analysis robot called the Phenovator, designed by WUR — in the scientific magazine Mill Methods. In addition to photosynthesis, the robot also measures the growth and movements of plants throughout the day and sundown. Besides plant breeding research, the equipment has major potential to save fundamental scientific research into the improvement of photosynthesis in plants.

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Deep breeding
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Uppsala: (VH) > Dept. of Animal Breeding and Genetics. Ahlner Fertility after deep intra-uterine AI of concentrated low-volume boar semen doses. Second. Dig deep – what lies beneath?, Professor...